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Vadim Gippenreiter is a talented artist - photocorrespondent, whose works are well-known in Russia and all over the world.
In 1948 he graduated from Surikov Art Institute in Moscow. He has become photographer since 1946. Vadim Gippenreiter is a tireless traveller. It's difficult to fined a place in Russia which he hasn't visited. And almost all of these places are in hard-to-reach regions. He has made photos in the deserts of Middle Asia, Caucasus mountains, Sajan's tumultuous rivers and the volcanos of Kamchatka. Vadim Gippenreiter is an alpinist, he was a champion of Russia for three times. In 1939 he was the first man who made a ski down-run from the top of Elborus.
Up to date Vadim Gippenreiter workes actively and traveles much. His photographs are thoughtful and exciting, based on delicate feeling of nature and art. It may be said that almost everybody would like to look at them more and more, because they are the source of aesthetic enjoyment and also of new thoughts about life, love and eternity.
Gippenreiter is famous for his exciting landscape photographs as well as for his beautiful pictures of works of art. The present exhibitions "Old Russian Cities" and "Fabled Cities of Central Asia" are the brightest facets of Gippenreiter's works. This is an opportunity to get an unforgettable impression of outstanding masterpieces of architecture and art of an old cities, such as Novgorod, Kiev,Vladimir, Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva and many others. Interesting aspects,beautiful colours and poetry of these pictures will give you true enjoyment. Welcome to the exhibition.


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