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Founders of the Association of Krengolmskaya Manufactory1 Founders of the Association of Krengolmskaya Manufactory
… Member of the Society of Welfare to the Needy Students of the Imperial Moscow University, Contributor of his Collection of Paintings and his Library to Rumyantsevsky Museum in Moscow ("Soldatenkovskaya Gallery"), Full Member of Imperial Academy of Arts, Publisher (Publishing House of K.T.Soldatenkov). Khludov Aleksei Ivanovich (1818-1882) - Manufactory-Councillor, Chairman of Moscow Exchange Committee, Chairman of Moscow Department of the Council of Trade and Manufactories (1862), Foreman of Moscow Merchant Estate, Member of Moscow Commercial Court, Joint Owner of the Firm "A. and G. Ivan Khludov's Sons" (Spun Cotton Market), Joint Owner of the Association of Egoryevskaya Paper Spinning Mill of A. and G. Khludovs, Founder of the Association of Krengolmskaya Manufactory, Director of Moscow Company of Fire Insurance (1858-1863), Collector of Icons, Manuscript and Early Printed Books. Khludov Gerasim Ivanovich (1821-1885) - Manufactory-Councillor, Delegate of Moscow Ex

Bakhrushin Aleksandr Alekseevich (1823-1916)2 Bakhrushin Aleksandr Alekseevich (1823-1916)
- Hereditary Freeman, Memeber of Moscow Department of the Council of Trade and Manufactories, Director of the "Association of Leather and Cloth Manufactories of Aleksei Bakhrushin's Sons", Member of Moscow City Duma, Foreman of Moscow Exchange Committee, Member of the Board of the Bakhrushins Brothers Hospital, Charity House and Maternity Hospital, Member of the Board of the Bakhrushins Brothers Municipal Orphan Home in Sokolniki, Senior Man of the Church of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity in Kozhevniki. Photo of Fisher K.A. Moscow

Banza Konrad Karlovich (about 1832-1901)4 Banza Konrad Karlovich (about 1832-1901)
… n and of the Oil-Mill of K.Kh.Shmidt, Director of the Manufactories' Association "Lyudvig Rabenek", Director of the Moscow Metal Plant's Association, Director of the Brass and Copper-Rolling Works' Association of Kolchugin, Director of the Beloretsk Iron Works' Joint-Stock Company of Pashkov, Director of the Soda Company in Russia "Lyubimov, Solve and Co", Director of the Reutovsrkaya Manufactory's Association, Director of the Insurance Company "Anchor", Member of Moscow City Duma (since 1880), Foreman of Moscow Exchange Committee (since 1879). Photo of "Sherer, Nabgolts and Co"