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Bakhrushin Sergei Vladimirovich (1882-1950)2 Bakhrushin Sergei Vladimirovich (1882-1950)
- Hereditary Freeman, Privatdocent, and since 1927 - Professor of History in Moscow University, Memeber of Moscow City Duma, Member of the Board of the Bakhrushins Brothers Municipal Orphan Home in Sokolniki, Member of Moscow Province Zemstvo Assembly

Globa Nikolai Vasilievich6 Globa Nikolai Vasilievich
- Chamberlain at Court of His Emperor Majesty, Full Councillor of State, Member of the Ministry of Trade and Industry Council, Director of the Stroganov Artistic and Industrial College, Director of the Museum of the Emperor Aleksandr III, Member of Moscow City Duma, Member of Moscow Province Zemstvo's Assembly. Was Buried at the Cemetery Saint-Jenevieve-de-Bois