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Chekhov A.P. is reading "Chaika" to the actors of Moscow Arts Theatre2 Chekhov A.P. is reading "Chaika" to the actors of Moscow Arts Theatre
On the photo: Nemirovich-Danchenko V.I., Raevskaya E.M., Vishnevsky A.L., Luzhsky V.V., Artem A.R., Knipper O.L., Stanislavsky K.S., Andreev A.I., Lilina M.P., Tikhomirov I.A., Grigorieva (Nikolaeva) M.P., Roksanova M.L., Meyerkhold V.E. Moscow Public Arts Theatre. 1899

Count Uvarov Aleksei Sergeevich (1825-1884)5 Count Uvarov Aleksei Sergeevich (1825-1884)
- Archaeologist, Collector, Patron of Arts, Honorary Member (since 1857) of Petersburg Academy of Sciences, Founder of Moscow Archaelogical Society and Historical Museum

Founders of the Association of Krengolmskaya Manufactory6 Founders of the Association of Krengolmskaya Manufactory
… ate of Moscow Exchange Company, Founder and Trustee of the Councillor of Commerce K.T.Soldatenkov Alms-House, Great Contributor to the Community of Rogozhskoe Cemetery, Contributor to Construction and Maintenance of Soldatenkovskaya Hospital, Honorary Member of the Society of Welfare to the Needy Students of the Imperial Moscow University, Contributor of his Collection of Paintings and his Library to Rumyantsevsky Museum in Moscow ("Soldatenkovskaya Gallery"), Full Member of Imperial Academy of Arts, Publisher (Publishing House of K.T.Soldatenkov). Khludov Aleksei Ivanovich (1818-1882) - Manufactory-Councillor, Chairman of Moscow Exchange Committee, Chairman of Moscow Department of the Council of Trade and Manufactories (1862), Foreman of Moscow Merchant Estate, Member of Moscow Commercial Court, Joint Owner of the Firm "A. and G. Ivan Khludov's Sons" (Spun Cotton Market), Joint Owner of the Association of Egoryevskaya Paper Spinning Mill of A. and G. Khludovs, Founder of the

Hotel Metropol, Moscow8 Hotel Metropol, Moscow
In 1898, a St. Petersburg insurance company purchased and began renovation of a hotel in the centre of Moscow on Teatralnaya Ploschad, or Theatre Square. Muscovites called it "Tchelishi" after its ex-owner, the builder and Merchant of the First Guild Paul Tchelishev. The rights to refurbish the building and run the hotel were acquired by the Northern Building Society, founded by the famous entrepreneur and patron of the arts Savva Mamontov.