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Posiet Konstantin Nikolaevich (1819-1899)1 Posiet Konstantin Nikolaevich (1819-1899)
- Adjutant General, Admiral, Minister of Railways(1874-1888), Member of the State Council(1888)

Kleinmikhel Petr Andreevich (1793-1869), Count2 Kleinmikhel Petr Andreevich (1793-1869), Count
- Aide-de-Camp to the Emperor Aleksandr I (1814), Adjutant General (1826), Infantry General (1841), Member of the State Council (1842), Chief Manager of Railways and Public Buildings (1842-1855), Chairman of the Committee of Telegraphic Communication between St.Petersburg and Warsaw (1834), Director of the Department of Military Settlements and of the Inspector's Department of Ministry of Defence (1835)