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The Cathedral of St. Sophia2 The Cathedral of St. Sophia
Novgorod, view over the domes from the west

Dome of the Khwaja5 Dome of the Khwaja
Detail of the dome of the Khwaja Zainud-Din mosque-khanadaqah (sixteenth century), Bukhara.

The vaulted rooftops of Khiva8 The vaulted rooftops of Khiva
The vaulted rooftops of Khiva. In the distance is the dome of the Islam Khwaja madrasah.

The mausoleums9 The mausoleums
In the foreground is the edifice referred to as the Mausoleum of Ustad Nasefi. Next to it is the Uncnown mausoleum no.2, which is adjacent to the Emif Burundaq mausoleum. In the background is the dome of the Tuman Agha mausoleum.