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The Metropol Restaurant1 The Metropol Restaurant
The Hotel`s grand dining room, where Lenin made spirited speeches and Shalyapin sang, and which provided the model for part of the film "Dr. Zhivago". The illustrious Metropol Zal has become Moscow`s premier location for special occasions. The room is dominated by its spectacular stained glass roof which adds to the unique atmosphere of this impressive hall. At the centre of the room is a beautiful marble fountain, with the sound of gently falling water adding to the enchantment. A stage is available at one end of the hall, just one more reason why the Metropol Zal is in such high demand for so many different events.

Conference hall2 Conference hall
Hotel Metropol, Moscow

The Boyarsky Restaurant. Hotel Metropol.3 The Boyarsky Restaurant. Hotel Metropol.
One of the very finest restaurants in Moscow.

Restaurant5 Restaurant
Hotel Metropol, Moscow

Entrance hall6 Entrance hall
Hotel Metropol, Moscow

Hotel Metropol, Moscow7 Hotel Metropol, Moscow
Architect Valkot V.F. Photo 1.

Metropol suite8 Metropol suite
Hotel Metropol, Moscow

Hotel Metropol, Moscow9 Hotel Metropol, Moscow
View from the Theatre square. Architect Valkot V.F. Photo 2.

Suite in the tsar's time10 Suite in the tsar's time
Hotel Metropol. Moscow

Hotel Metropol, Moscow11 Hotel Metropol, Moscow
In 1898, a St. Petersburg insurance company purchased and began renovation of a hotel in the centre of Moscow on Teatralnaya Ploschad, or Theatre Square. Muscovites called it "Tchelishi" after its ex-owner, the builder and Merchant of the First Guild Paul Tchelishev. The rights to refurbish the building and run the hotel were acquired by the Northern Building Society, founded by the famous entrepreneur and patron of the arts Savva Mamontov.

Apartment12 Apartment
Hotel Metropol, Moscow

Hotel Metropol today13 Hotel Metropol today
View from Bolshoi Theatre

Presidential suite14 Presidential suite
Hotel Metropol, Moscow

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