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Kovalevsky Vladimir Ivanovich (1848-1934)1 Kovalevsky Vladimir Ivanovich (1848-1934)
- Agrarian Scientist, Privy Councillor, Full Member of the Agricultural Scientific Committee of Ministry of State Property (1883-1902), since 1892 - Director of the Trade and Manufactories Department, Assistant Minister of Finance (1900-1902), Chairman of the Preparation Commissions for Russian Departments at the World Exhibitions of 1893 in Chicago and of 1900 in Paris, Chairman of the Council of the Company of Swap Credit of Printing, Chairman of the Managing Committee of St.Petersburg Carriage-Building Plant, Member of the Managing Committee of the Company of Mechanical Plants "Bromlei Brothers", Member of the Managing Committee of Ural-Caspian Oil Company, Chairman of the Imperial Russian Technical Society (1906-1916)