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 Pendant Icon-Reliquary "Descent into the Hell". The Moscow Kremlin Museums
Byzantium, 12th c.
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Christian icon. Contents (228)
  The New Testament, Byzantine and Greek Relics in Old Rus  (23)  Look Gallery
  Christ  (27)
  The Virgin  (57)
  John the Baptist (the Forerunner)  (12)
  The Old Testament cycle
  the Mariological cycle  (4)
  The New Testament cycle  (36)
  Symbolic compositions  (16)
  the Angels  (2)
  The Old Testament's Forefathers and Patriarches  (2)
  the Prophets  (5)
  Apostles and Evangelists  (5)
  Holy Bishops (Episkopos)  (12)
  Saints Deacons  (1)
  Saint Warriors  (11)
  Other Saints  (7)
  Non-anthropomorphical christian symbols  (1)
  Emperor in Byzantine Art  (21) ©1997-2023Design by Monahov Oleg