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Emperor in Byzantine Art (21)
  Emperors Constantine and Justinian adored Virgin and Child. Mosaic. Hagia Sophia  Look Gallery
  Constantine the Great. Solidus
  Constantine the Great. Gold multiple (3 solidus)
  Theodosios the Great. Marble. The Theodosian Obelisk in the Hippodrome. Constantinople  (2)  Look Gallery
  Arkadios. Marble. Constantinople, Archeological Museum  Look Gallery
  Justinian I (?). The "Barberini Ivory". Paris, the Louvre
  Justinian I and His court. Mosaic. Ravenna, San Vitale  (2)
  Leon (Leontios). Solidus
  Justinian II. Solidus
  Michael III and Empress Theodora. Icon with the Triumph of Orthodoxy  Look Gallery
  Nicephoros II Phocas. Copper follis
  John II Komnenos and His Son Alexios. Miniature
  John VI Kantakouzenos. Images from the Theological Works of John Kantakouzenos (Bib. Nat. de France, gr. 1242)  (2)
  Manuel II Palaiologos with his wife and children. Miniature  Look Gallery
  John VIII Palaiologos. Medallion ©1997-2024Design by Monahov Oleg