Yuri Gagarin
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 Grandmother and granddaughter. They were the first people, who saw Gagarin's landing.
 The post, placed by the local residents in the Gagarin's landing area.
 Y.A.Gagarin on the Lenin's Mausoleum.
 Gagarin holds the "Komsomolskaya pravda" newspaper in his hands.
 Gagarin with his daughters.
 Gagarin with his daughter Lena.
 Gagarins and S.P.Korolyov.
 Y.A.Gagarin after the space-flight.
 On the start position.
 Near the elevator.
 Gagarin goes to raport to Nikita Hrushev.
 Gagarin's mother near his monument.
 Gagarin after the flight.
 The pilot's routine.
 Gagarin before the flight in the air-club of Saratov.
 On airdrome.
 S.P.Korolyov in the flight-control centre.
 Gagarin plays pool.
 The house of Gagarin's family.