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Banza Konrad Karlovich (about 1832-1901)
- Councillor of Commerce (1887), Joint Owner of the Firm "Vogau and Co" (Dry-Saltery), Founder and Director of the Printed Cotton Manufactory Association of Albert Gyubner, Director of the Managign Committee of the Riga Cement Works' Association and of the Oil-Mill of K.Kh.Shmidt, Director of the Manufactories' Association "Lyudvig Rabenek", Director of the Moscow Metal Plant's Association, Director of the Brass and Copper-Rolling Works' Association of Kolchugin, Director of the Beloretsk Iron Works' Joint-Stock Company of Pashkov, Director of the Soda Company in Russia "Lyubimov, Solve and Co", Director of the Reutovsrkaya Manufactory's Association, Director of the Insurance Company "Anchor", Member of Moscow City Duma (since 1880), Foreman of Moscow Exchange Committee (since 1879). Photo of "Sherer, Nabgolts and Co"
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