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Meshkov Nikolai Vasilievich (1851-1933)
- Prominent Steamers Owner on the Volga and Kama Rivers, since 1915 became a Head of the Steam Navigation and Load Transportation Company of F. and G.Kamenskys and N.Meshkov, Joint Owner of the Steamship Company "Airplane", Joint Owner of the Orenburg-Ufa Railway Joint-stock Company, Joint Owner of the St.Petersburg Company for Glukhoozersk Portlandcement and Other Building Materials Production, Member of the Managing Committee of the Perm Department of the Peasant Land Bank, Owner of the F.F.Pavlenkov Publishing House (since 1911), Honorary Member of the Ural Society of Natural Science Amateurs (since 1897), Member of the Perm Province Zemstvo's Assembly (1893-1901), Initiator of the Perm University Founding, in 1920-1931 - Consultant of the Trasport and Planning Department of the People's Commissariat of Railways
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