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Buildings of the Circular Railway (22)
  The Emperor Nikolai II Bridge at the 36th Verst
  Passenger Building at Kanatchikovo Station
  Passenger Building at Potylikha Station
  Passenger Buildings at Presnya and Kozhukhovo Stations
  Dwelling-House at Presnya Station
  Bridge over Yaroslavskaya Railway
   Employee's House at Ugreshskaya Station and Dwelling-House at Voennoe Pole( Field ) Station
  Two Dwelling-Houses at Serebryannyi Bor Station
  Belokamennaya Station
  Employee's House at Likhobory Station
  Casualty Ward at Likhobory Station
  House of the Station-Master and his Assistant at Likhobory Station
  Passenger Building at Likhobory Station
  Water Tower at Cherkizovo Station