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Charity and Public Care (30)
  Committee of Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna  (1)
  Dolgorukovsky Orphanage  (1)
  Municipal Trusteeships about the Poor  (9)  Look Gallery
  Simonovskaya Alms-House  (1)  Look Gallery
  Society "Children's Labour and Rest"  (2)  Look Gallery
  The Andreevskaya Alms-House of Moscow Merchant Society  (3)
  The Bakhrushins Brothers House of Rent-Free Flats at Sofiiskaya Quay in Moscow  (2)
  The Bakhrushins Brothers Municipal Orphan Home in Sokolniki  (5)  Look Gallery
  The Charitable Society attached to Basmannaya Hospital  (2)  Look Gallery
  The Charitable Society attached to Myasnitskaya Hospital  (1)  Look Gallery
  The Councillor of Commerce K.T.Soldatenkov Alms-House  (1)  Look Gallery
  The Doctor Gaaz F.P. Municipal Asylum in Sokolniki  (2)  Look Gallery
  The G.I.Khludov Charity House for the Poor  (1)
  The I.D.Baev-elder Charity House for Incurables  (2)  Look Gallery