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Gertsyk, Lubny-Gertsyk (14)
  Visiting Card of Lubny-Gertsyk Iosif Antonovich  Look Gallery
  Portrait of Unknown Woman from the Gertsyk Family  Look Gallery
  Gertsyk Vladimir Kazimirovich  Look Gallery
  Gertsyk Anton Kazimirovich  Look Gallery
  Tidebel Maksimilian Andreevich, Father of Sogiya Maksimilianovna, the 1-st Wife of Gertsyk K.A.  Look Gallery
  Tidebel Sofiya Maksimilianovna, in Marriage Gertsyk, the 1-st Wife of Gertsyk Kazimir Antonovich  Look Gallery
  Tidebel Elena Karlovna (born Lund), Wife of Tidebel Maksimilian Andreevich  Look Gallery
  Tidebel M.A.  Look Gallery