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 Russian Empire in Photographs
Country Estates, Cottages (31)
  Dugino, Podolsky Uyezd  (3)  Look Gallery
  Glukhovo, Bogorodsky Uyezd  (1)  Look Gallery
  Ivanovskoe, Bogorodsky Uyezd  (1)
  Izmalkovo, Zvenigorodsky Uyezd  (1)  Look Gallery
  Kholomki, Pskov Province  (1)
  Kuskovo, Moscow Uyezd  (1)  Look Gallery
  Lipitsy, near Serpukhov  (5)  Look Gallery
  Liyalovo. Moscow Province  (1)  Look Gallery
  Odintsovo-Arkhangelskoe, Podolsky Uyezd  (1)  Look Gallery
  Ostafievo, Podolsky Uyezd  (1)  Look Gallery
  Sushnevo, Pokrovsky Uyezd, Vladimir Province  (4)
  The Baevs Cottage  (1)
  The Konshina A.I. Cottage, in Bor near Serpukhov  (5)  Look Gallery
  Tureika, Vereisky Uyezd  (1)
  Unknown  (4)