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 Russian Empire in PhotographsFinances
Insurance Companies (1)
  "Anchor", Insurance Company (Moscow)  (299)
  "Pomoshch" ("Aid"), Russian Insurance Company  (7)
  "Russia", Insurance Company (St.Petersburg)  (1121)
  "Salamander", Insurance Company  (1)
  "Zhizn" ("Life"), Russian Company of the Insurance of Capitals and Incomes  (202)
  Moscow Fire Insurance Company  (1)
  Moscow Municipal Company of Mutual Fire Insurance  (4)
  Northern Insurance Company  (5)
  Russian Mutual Insurance Union  (101)
  St.Petersburg Insurance Company  (2)
  The 1-st Russian Fire Insurance Company (St.Petersburg)  (24)
  The 2-nd Russian Fire Insurance Company (Moscow)  (4)
  Warsaw Fire Insurance Company  (27)