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 Russian Empire in PhotographsFactory Industry
Cotton Processing (2)
  Andreevskoe Cotton-Industry Association  (2)
  Association "Fibre"("Volokno")  (2)
  Association of Cotton Manufactories A.Karetnikov's Son  (2)
  Association of Danilovskaya Manufactory  (1)
  Association of Egoryevskaya Paper Spinning Mill of A. and G. Khludovs  (2)
  Association of Ekateringofskaya Cotton Mill  (1)
  Association of Izmailovskaya Manufactory  (52)
  Association of Manufactories, founded by I.I.Skvortsov  (3)
  Association of Nevskaya Spinning Manufactory
  Association of Nikolskaya Manufactory "Savva Morozov's Son and Co"  (13)
  Association of Sadkovskaya Manufactory of Ivan Demin  (3)
  Association of Tverskaya Manufactory  (44)
  Association of Voznesenskaya Manufactory of S.Lepeshkin's Sons  (62)
  Association of the Baranovs Manufactories  (140)
  Association of the Krengolmskaya Manufactory of Cotton Ware  (4)
  Association of the N.N.Konshin Manufactories  (4)
  Association of the Print Manufactory "Emil Tsindel"  (2)
  Association of the Vikula Morozov and Sons Manufactories  (1)
  Company of Bogorodsko-Glukhovskaya Manufactory  (4)
  Firm "Lyudvig Knop"  (124)
  Joint-Stock Company of the Factory-Made Goods Home and Export Trade  (3)
  Manufactories' Association "Lyudvig Rabenek"  (1)
  Nevskaya Cotton Manufactory Company  (1)
  Potelyakhovskoe Cotton-Industry Association  (26)
  Reutovsrkaya Manufactory's Association  (26)
  Russian-French Anonymous Company  (22)
  The Balin A.Ya. Association of Yuzhskaya Manufactory  (86)
  The Printed Cotton Manufactory Association of Albert Gyubner  (7)