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 Russian Empire in PhotographsRussian regionsMoscow
Squares, Streets, Lanes, Avenues, Villages (120)
  Arbat Street  (1)
  Bolshoi Troitsky Lane (Basmannaya Part). Storehouse and Weigh-House of the Association "Gubkin and Kuznetsov"
  Borisoglebsky Lane, Houses 10 and 8
  Bronnaya Malaya Street. Graphic Project of Veshnyakov's House Front.
  Cherkizovo. Village's View from the West Side.
  Chistoprudny Boulevard  (4)  Look Gallery
  Dorogomilovo  (1)
  Ermolaevsky Lane. The House of Moscow Architectural Society
  Gospitalnaya Square  (1)
  Ilyinka Street  (4)  Look Gallery
  Izmailovo. Village's View from the South Side.
  Kamergersky Lane. The Moscow Arts Theatre Building.
  Khamovniki. The Church of Georgy the Winner(Pobedonosets)
  Khodynskoe Pole(Field)  (7)  Look Gallery
  Kislovsky Sredny Lane. Graphic Front of the Yakunchikovs House
  Kozhevnicheskaya Street  (1)
  Krasnoe Selo (Village). View from the West Side.
  Kuznetsky Most Street  (3)
  Kyslovsky Malyi Lane. The Private Residence of Dumnov.
  Lavrushinsky Lane  (2)
  Lefortovo. Village's View from the East Side.
  Lesnaya Street. The State Wine Warehouse.
  Lubyanka Bolshaya Street  (2)
  Lubyanskaya Square
  Luzhnestkaya Street  (3)
  Malaya Dmitrovka Street. Building of the Merchant Assembly
  Mansurovsky Lane  (2)
  Moiseevskaya Square. Street Vendor of Lemonade  Look Gallery
  Mokhovaya Street  (6)  Look Gallery
  Myasnitskaya Street  (2)
  Nastasyinsky Lane.  (1)
  Nikolskaya Street  (1)
  Nosovikha Street. Church of Vasily the Confessor (Ispovednik) in Novaya Derevnya (New Village)
  Novaya Derevnya (New Village). Church of Vasily the Confessor (Ispovednik)
  Ordynka Bolshaya Street. The Yard of the House 41.
  Peterburgskoe Highway  (2)
  Petrovsky Park  (2)
  Pogodinskaya Street.The Chamber of Control Building.
  Pokrovskoe (formerly Rubtsovo). Village's View from the East Side.
  Pokrovsky Boulevard  (1)
  Poteshnaya Street. The Alekseeva A.V. Building of Preobrazhenskaya Mental Hospital.
  Prechistenskaya Quay.The Private Residence of Tsvetkov I.E.
  Prechistensky Boulevard  (4)
  Preobrazhenskoe  (6)
  Pyatnitskaya Street  (3)
  Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad).  (1)
  Rzhevsky Lane. The Profitable House of Shugaev S.E.  Look Gallery
  Sadovo-Kudrinskaya. The Profitable House of Skopnik P.A.
  Sadovo-Spasskaya Street. Spasskie Caserns
  Semenovskoe. Village's View from the East Side.
  Skakovaya Street. The Building of Prize-Winning Stable of Smirnov V.P.
  Skobelevskaya Square  (4)  Look Gallery
  Sokolniki  (1)
  Strastnaya Square, Strastnoi Boulevard  (1)
  Sukharevskaya Square  (1)
  The 2-nd Meshchanskaya Street. The Solodovnikov G.G. Town House of Cheap Flats
  Theatre Square and Theatre Passage (Proezd)  (8)  Look Gallery
  Triumphal Square. The Circus of Nikitins Brothers.
  Trubnaya Square  (2)
  Tverskaya Street  (5)
  Tverskoi Boulevard in Moscow, Winter View.
  Vadkovsky Lane.  (2)  Look Gallery
  Volkhonka Street  (1)
  Volkov Lane. The Private Residence of Melnikov V.K.
  Vorobiovy Mountains (Gory)  (2)  Look Gallery
  Voskresenskaya Square  (1)
  Vozdvizhenka Street  (2)
  Vvedensky Lane.The Private Residence of Morozov A.V.
  Walls and Towers of Kitai-Gorod  (1)
  Yauzskaya Street  (1)  Look Gallery
  Yushkov Lane, Crossing with Myasnitskaya Street. The Church of Frol and Lavr.
  Znamensky Maly Lane. The Profitable House of Stulovy P. and N. Brothers.