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 The Church of Frol and Lavr in Myasniki.
The Monuments and Millstones Shop of Kabanov D.I. Yushkov Lane, Crossing with Myasnitskaya Street.
The 1910s
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Temples (11)
  Church "Joy and Consolation" at Khodynskoe Pole(Field)
  Church of Frol and Lavr in Myasniki  Look Gallery
  Church of Georgy Pobedonosets(the Winner) on Khamovniki Parade-Ground
  Church of Nikola Yavlennyi at Arbat
  Church of Nikolai the Wonder-Worker(Chudotvorets) in Kuznetsy  (6)
  Church of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa(Friday) in Okhotnyi Ryad(Row)  (29)
  Church of Petr and Pavel in Petrovsko-Razumovskoe
  Church of Saint Trinity on Kapelki  (1)
  Church of Sergy Radonezhsky at Khodynskoe Pole(Field)  (23)
  Church of the Joy for All Sorrowful Human Beings attached to the Bakhrushinskaya Hospital  (3)
  Church of the Saviour's Transfiguration in Preobrazhenskoe
  Church of the Trinity(Troitsa) in Kozhevniki  (5)
  Pokrovskaya Church of Tulskaya Militia Unit in "Solomennaya Storozhka"("Straw Lodge").
  Temple of Christ the Saviour  (5)
  Temple of St. Trinity at Pyatnitskoe Cemetery in Moscow
  Temples of the Moscow Kremlin  (39)