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Photo Art. Boris Busygin
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 Astoria Hotel, St.Petersburg (postcard)
St.Petersburg. Postcard. Architect Lidval F.I.
 Russian Empire in PhotographsRussian regionsSaint-Petersburg
Squares, Streets, Quays, Lanes
  Adison Street. Front of the Electrotechnical Plant "N.K.Geisler and Co"
  Botkinskaya Street. Obstetrical and Gynaecological Clinic of Baronet Villiye
  Isaakievskaya Square. Hotel Astoria  Look Gallery
  Morskaya Bolshaya Street
  Nevsky Avenue
  Newstadskaya Street
  Pushkinskaya Street. Monument to Pushkin A.S.
  Quay of Ekaterininsky Canal
  Quay of Obvodnoi Canal
  Square of Aleksandrinsky Theatre
  Vyborgskaya Quay