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Lamansky Evgeny Ivanovich (1825 or 1826-1902)
- Privy Councillor, Corresponding Member of the Imperial St.Petersburg Academy of Sciences(1859), Assistant Manager(1860) and Manager of the State Bank(1867-1881), Member of the St.Petersburg City Duma(1882), Member of the Petergof Uyezd Zemstvo, Chairman of the Managing Committee of the St.Petersburg Company of Swap Credit(1864-1871), Chairman of the Managing Committee of the Russian Bank for Foreign Trade(1871-1874), Chairman of the Council of Volzhsko-Kamsky Commercial Bank(1875-1901), Member of the Managing Committee of Beryozovskoe Gold-Mining Company, Economist, Publiсist
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Lamansky E.I.
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