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 Bakhrushina (born Perlova) Elizaveta Sergeevna (1862-1943)
- from the Family of Moscow Tea-Dealers, Wife of Vladimir Aleksandrovich Bakhrushin, Chairwoman of the Board of the Bakhrushins Brothers Hospital, Charity House and Maternity Hospital, Member of the Pyatnitskoe Municipal Trusteeship about the Poor. Photo of Sherer and Nabgolts. Moscow
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Pyatnitskoe Municipal Trusteeship about the Poor (4)
  Bakhrushina Elizaveta Sergeevna, Member of the Trusteeship
  Bakhrushin Sergei Vladimirovich (1882-1950)
  Bakhrushin Vladimir Aleksandrovich (1853-1910)
  Bakhrushin Vladimir Aleksandrovich (1853-1910)