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Bakhrushin Aleksei Aleksandrovich with his Wife Vera Vasilievna
Bakhrushin Aleksei Aleksandrovich (1865-1929), Director of "Association of Leather and Cloth Manufactories of Aleksei Bakhrushin's Sons", Member of Moscow City Duma in 1901-1906, Famous Collector, Founder and since 1919 - Director of Moscow Theatre Museum, Head of Municipal Popular House at Vvedenskaya Street in Moscow, Trustee of the Bakhrushins Hospital, Charity House and Maternity Hospital. Bakhrushina Vera Vasilievna, born Nosova (1875-1942) - Wife of Bakhrushin Aleksei Aleksandrovich, from the Family of Moscow Textile Manufacturers, Member of the Russian Theatre Society. Photo of Diyagovchenko I. Moscow
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