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Russian Empire in photographs (140)
  Russian regions
  Astrakhan and Astrakhan Province  (3)
  Baku  (5)
  Crimea (Tavria Province)  (11)
  Ekaterinoslav Province  (7)
  Estlyandiya Province (now Estonia)  (51)
  Fergana Region  (1)
  Finland  (14)
  Irkutsk  (3)
  Kaluga and Kaluga Province  (1)
  Kazan  (10)
  Kiev and Kiev Province  (1)
  Moscow  (6)
  Moscow Emblem and Plans of Moscow  (20)
  Kremlin  (33)
  Historical-Architectural Sights  (525)
  Squares, Streets, Lanes, Avenues, Villages  (86)
  Houses, Palaces, Private Residences, Cottages (to owners)  (11)
  Government Bodies, Institutions of Local Government  (7)
  Army and Military Educational Institutions  (3)
  Churches  (1)
  Charity and Public Care  (4)
  Education and Upbringing  (25)
  Higher Educational Institutions  (28)
  Secondary Schools  (132)
  Elementary Schools and Colleges  (12)
  Sretenskoe the 4th Municipal College for Girls  (1)
  Davydova V.Ya., Teacher of the N.V. Gogol Presnensky Municipal College for Girls
  Bakhrushin K.P., Trustee of the Bakhrushins Brothers Municipal Handicraft College
  Factory School of the Association "Emil Tsindel"
  Silversvan Nikolai Adrianovich (1889-1951)
  Educational Societies  (15)
  Libraries  (1)
  Publishing Houses, Editorial Offices  (2)
  Transport and Means of Communication  (4)
  Factory Industry  (9)
  Trade  (21)
  Finances  (17)
  Medicine and Public Health Service  (140)
  Service Sphere  (39)
  Entrepreneurs  (47)
  Monuments  (8)
  Nature  (468)
  Culture and Art  (1)
  Historical Subjects in Graphic Arts and Painting  (1)
  Municipal Economy  (4)
  Mode of Life, Customs, Holidays, Moscow Types  (1)
  Societies  (17)
  Moscow since 1917  (3)
  Moscow Province  (4)
  Nizhny Novgorod  (4)
  Novgorod and Novgorod Province  (1)
  Penza and Penza Province  (38)
  Perm and Perm Province  (271)
  Pskov and Pskov Province  (16)
  Riga  (4)
  Ryazan and Ryazan Province  (4)
  Saint-Petersburg  (32)
  Saint-Petersburg Province  (1)
  Samara and Samara Province  (5)
  Saratov and Saratovskaya Province  (1)
  Smolensk and Smolenk Province  (6)
  Tambov and Tambov Province  (2)
  Tiflis  (1)
  Tula and Tula Province  (47)
  Turkestan General Governorship  (5)
  Tver and Tver Province  (6)
  Ufa  (29)
  Vladimir and Vladimir Province  (5)
  Vladivostok  (4)
  Warsaw  (1)
  Yaroslavl and Yaroslavskaya Province  (19)
  State Institutions  (271)
  Public-Service and Class Institutions
  Army. Navy. Wars.
  Political Parties
  Labour and Revolutionary Movement
  Churches  (1)
  Culture and Art
  Country Estates, Cottages  (12)
  Monuments  Look Gallery
  Education and Upbringing  (1)
  Medicine and Public Health
  Public Care  (6)
  Estates, Social Groups  (27)
  Types, Rites, Celebrations
  Periodical Press
  Factory Industry
  Industrial Exhibitions, Congresses
  Construction  (3)
  Transport and Means of Communication  (1)
  Communication  (6)
  Agriculture and Trades
  Handicraft Industry and Trades  (4)
  Printing Editions and Printing Outputs
  Photographer's Studios and Their Output
  Nature. Surroundings Views  (2)
  Portraits  (1)
  Russian Emigration History
  Post-Revolutionary Epoch