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Russian Empire in photographs (44)
  Russian regions  (1)  Look Gallery
  State Institutions  (13)
  Public-Service and Class Institutions  (1)
  Army. Navy. Wars.  (57)
  Political Parties  (1)
  Labour and Revolutionary Movement  (4)
  Churches  (354)
  Literature  (1)
  Culture and Art  (1)
  Architecture  (37)
  Country Estates, Cottages  (5)
  Monuments  (1)
  Education and Upbringing  (1)
  Science  (2)
  Medicine and Public Health  (2)
  Public Care  (179)
  Families  (51)
  Estates, Social Groups  (37)
  The Nobility  (2)
  Commercial and Industrial Estate  (1)
  Kuznetsov, Entrepreneur from Astrakhan, with his Wife
  Davydov Yakov Irineevich, Moscow Entrepreneur
  Bliznova Klavdiya with her Friend in the Hammock near the Bliznov House
  Group Photo during the Youth Masquerade Party in the Astrakhantsev House
  The Novikov Family in the Yard of their House at Novovokhonskaya Street in Pavlovsky Posad
  The Makeev Family
  Group of Men with a Priest at the Baevs Cottage
  Ershova (born Mukhina)
  Monument to Knop L.G. and Director's House
  Director's House
  House of Director's Assistants
  Employees and Members of the Managing Committee of the Association "Nobel Bros" in St.Petersburg
  Nobel E.L. among Workers in Baku
  Clergy  (1)
  The Workers  (1)
  The Peasants  (103)
  The Military  (21)
  The Craftspeople  (1)
  Engineers and Technicists  (36)
  Factory Employees  (1)
  Types, Rites, Celebrations  (2)
  Periodical Press  (172)
  Finances  (53)
  Factory Industry  (1)
  Industrial Exhibitions, Congresses  (27)
  Construction  (17)
  Trade  (1)
  Advertisement  (29)
  Transport and Means of Communication  (5)
  Communication  (13)
  Agriculture and Trades  (22)
  Handicraft Industry and Trades  (111)
  Printing Editions and Printing Outputs  (2)
  Photographer's Studios and Their Output  (525)
  Nature. Surroundings Views  (90)
  Portraits  (2)
  Russian Emigration History  (5)
  Post-Revolutionary Epoch  (3)
  Others  (25)