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Russian Empire in photographs (963)
  Russian regions  (638)
  State Institutions  (36)
  Public-Service and Class Institutions  (16)
  Army. Navy. Wars.  (34)
  Political Parties  (2)
  Labour and Revolutionary Movement  (2)
  Churches  (38)  Look Gallery
  Orthodox Church  (31)  Look Gallery
  Ecclesiastical Educational Institutions  (1)
  Temples  (17)  Look Gallery
  Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ and Trading Square in Pavlovsky Posad  Look Gallery
  Church of Ascension in Serpukhov  Look Gallery
  Church of Assumption and Ilyinskaya Church in Serpukhov  Look Gallery
  Church of Assumption in Serpukhov  Look Gallery
  Church of Assumption, Troitskaya (Trinity) and Ilyinskaya Churches in Serpukhov  Look Gallery
  Church of Nikola White in Serpukhov  Look Gallery
  Church of Women with Chrism in Serpukhov  Look Gallery
  Smolensky Cathedral of Novodevichy Convent. Moscow  Look Gallery
  Temple of Christ the Saviour in Moscow  Look Gallery
  Temple of the Resurrection of Christ in Ioakhimstal of Estlyandiya Province (now Estonia)
  The Pokrovskaya Church of Tula Militia Unit in "Solomennaya Storozhka"("Straw Lodge")  Look Gallery
  Troitskaya (Trinity) Church in Serpukhov  Look Gallery
  Vladimirskaya Church in Mavrino Village of Bogorodsky Uyezd in Moscow Province
  Cloisters  (6)
  Chapels  (2)
  Churches in Town (Podvorie)  (2)
  Devotions  (2)
  Icons, Icon-Painting, Church Plate  (2)
  Ministers of Religion  (1)
  Old Belief Church  (4)
  Other Believes Temples  (3)
  Literature  (27)
  Culture and Art  (102)
  Architecture  (147)
  Country Estates, Cottages  (31)
  Monuments  (11)
  Education and Upbringing  (34)
  Science  (32)
  Medicine and Public Health  (17)
  Public Care  (2)
  Families  (172)
  Estates, Social Groups  (60)
  Types, Rites, Celebrations  (62)
  Periodical Press  (1)
  Finances  (66)
  Factory Industry  (240)
  Industrial Exhibitions, Congresses  (32)
  Construction  (3)
  Trade  (57)
  Advertisement  (5)
  Transport and Means of Communication  (58)
  Communication  (1)
  Agriculture and Trades  (6)
  Handicraft Industry and Trades  (25)
  Printing Editions and Printing Outputs  (32)
  Photographer's Studios and Their Output  (111)
  Nature. Surroundings Views  (23)
  Portraits  (271)
  Russian Emigration History  (9)
  Post-Revolutionary Epoch  (38)
  Others  (34)