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Russian Empire in photographs (7)
  Russian regions  (10)
  State Institutions  (6)
  Public-Service and Class Institutions  (1)
  Army. Navy. Wars.
  Political Parties  (1)
  Labour and Revolutionary Movement
  Churches  (1)
  Literature  (58)
  Culture and Art
  Architecture  (2)
  Country Estates, Cottages  (26)
  Monuments  (1)
  Education and Upbringing  (32)
  Science  (1)
  Medicine and Public Health  (68)
  Public Care  (1)
  Families  (3)
  Alekseevs  (5)
  Bakhmetievs  (1)
  Bakhrushins  (6)
  The Bakhrushin A.A. Private Residence at Luzhnitskaya Street in Moscow
  Study in the Bakhrushin A.A. Private Residence. Things of Theatre Collection
  Semina Kira Alekseevna, Daughter of Aleksei Aleksandrovich Bakhrushin
  Bakhrushin Yury Alekseevich, Theatre Figure and Art Critic
  Solodovnikov Konstantin Nikolaevich, Husband of Bakhrushina Anna Vladimirovna
  Postnikov Vladimir Vasilievich, Husband of Mariya Aleksandrovna Bakhrushina
  Solodovnikova Anna Vladimirovna, Daughter of Vladimir Aleksandrovich Bakhrushin, with her Child
  Bakhrushin A.P.
  Angle Stamp on the Letterhead: "Family Museum of the Bakhrushins Clan"
  Invitation Card for the Consecration of the Church of Vasily the Confessor beyond Rogozhskaya Gate (in Novaya Derevnya) on the 26th of October 1897 on Behalf of the Church Constructor Bakhrushin V.A.
  Potapovs Sergei Sergeevich and Olga Dmitrievna
  Polovinkina (born Bakhrushina) Vera Vladimirovna (1890-1963)
  Bolshakovs  (32)
  Davydovs  (1)
  Elagins  (14)
  Gertsyk and Zhukovskys
  Gertsyk, Lubny-Gertsyk  (26)
  Karpovs  (3)
  Khludovs  (1)
  Konshins (from Serpukhov)  (1)
  Mamontovs  (1)
  Morozovs  (1)
  Naidyonovs  (1)
  Nobels  (1)
  Nosovs  (2)
  Obolenskys, Princes  (54)
  Perlovs  (31)
  Postnikovs  (5)
  Protopopovs  (32)
  Samarins  (1)
  Shekhtels  (4)
  Sheremetevs, Counts  (5)
  Smirnovs  (19)
  Solodovnikovs  (1)
  Soloviyovs  (3)
  Tolstois, Counts  (4)
  Trubetskois, Princes  (17)
  Ushkovs  (7)
  Vishnyakovs  (1)
  Estates, Social Groups  (26)
  Types, Rites, Celebrations
  Periodical Press  (5)
  Factory Industry  (10)
  Industrial Exhibitions, Congresses  (3)
  Construction  (15)
  Trade  (3)
  Transport and Means of Communication  (23)
  Communication  (2)
  Agriculture and Trades  Look Gallery
  Handicraft Industry and Trades  (2)
  Printing Editions and Printing Outputs  (38)
  Photographer's Studios and Their Output  (23)
  Nature. Surroundings Views  (38)
  Russian Emigration History  (58)
  Post-Revolutionary Epoch  (47)
  Others  (5)