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Chris Piner :: 24.05.2002 23:31
this photo is fucking awesome and really want you to e-mail me at chris.piner@uintah.net and tell how the fuck you ever pulled off taking this photo. I mean you real ygot some motherfucking talent and i wan tyou to do a photo shoot off my sexy wife I will pay 13,000 American dollars if you take good photos of my wife and 25 year babe daughter.
chris Piner :: 24.05.2002 23:33
you will send me your answer won't you becaus e if you don't i will have to find some one else.
stavrospodolus@hotmail.com :: 27.03.2003 23:05
Rob :: 6.10.2003 10:12
A Beautiful Photo well done .10 out of 10
desi :: 11.09.2005 16:16
a love this picture
Bega :: 18.07.2006 14:46
It is the best photo that I've seen
Lisa :: 10.02.2015 22:15
Just like I remember, when I was 13 yrs. old; my parents and I stayed at the Rossiya in 1973, when my mom reunited w/sister Klava - after 40 yrs. I am now 56 yrs. old. I possess night photo similar of St. Basil's... had to lean OUT of our hotel window, to 'get the shot'. Absolutely stunning.
Ольга :: 20.08.2002 14:21
Так хочется сейчас там оказаться.
Aspen :: 12.09.2011 19:06
Great artcile, thank you again for writing.
Bardo :: 11.09.2011 11:12
YMMD with that awnser! TX
Donte :: 5.08.2011 22:33
Never seen a btteer post! ICOCBW
Julissa :: 4.08.2011 3:12
Articles like this are an example of quick, helpful ansrwes.


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