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susairajt :: 25.11.2003 8:42
iam like this cat iam very mutch love this cat iam yours servant susairajt
susairajt :: 25.11.2003 8:50
All kings, and all their favorites, All glory of honors, beauties, wits, The Sun it selfe, which makes times, as they passe, Is elder by a yeare, now, then it was When thou and I first one another saw: All other things, to their destruction draw, Only our love hath no decay; This, no to morrow hath, nor yesterday, Running it never runs from us away, But truly keeps his first, last , everlasting day. The Anniversa yours servant susairajt
КОЛЯ :: 30.03.2002 11:26
Отличное фото!!!
Nastya :: 7.02.2003 15:47
Alyona :: 3.02.2005 10:04
ИнтереснЁй ракурс
fff :: 13.01.2006 16:49


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