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Собор Софии :: Новгород, вид с запада

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Vitas :: 6.01.2006 15:29
I like this Cathedral
Unified Reaper :: 8.06.2006 21:04
it is an ok picture but because it is not taken from a didgital camara it is not a full pixalized photo. i rate it a 3 -Unified Reaper, LA Times
LMoore :: 25.03.2008 7:28
I like the light shiningbright on the gold dome.
Siti :: 22.09.2012 21:27
Thanks for the updated video link. It seems to have been taken down as well. I did cover the oraignc food argument before (which seems to be, by the way, representative of the basic logical trope of the book, as Goldberg continually points out). Goldberg is so entranced by the incorrect i.e., the non technical use of fascist that he can't distinguish between that use and the term's and the movement's actual history. Fascism is by Mussolini's definition a right wing movement and it still is here in the U.S. and in Europe. In Italy, for instance, right wingers from the former fascist party the Movimento Sociale Italiano still inhabit the government at high levels (Gianfranco Fini). In its non technical use the term means something like totalitarian jerk. Goldberg seems to have constructed an argument against the latter though he alleges it's against the former.
susairajt :: 31.12.2003 15:34
world in no1 this church iam very like this church our dat blessed this church yours servant susairajt


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