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Псков :: Вид на кремль с реки в точке слияния рек Псков и Великая

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Jain :: 4.08.2002 20:22
Such an delightful, and beautiful! view of this building that is mainly thought of as a "dark" place.
vikas :: 13.12.2002 17:24
inuyasha89@tiscali.it :: 30.01.2004 15:56
the foto is very very very good! you're the best! ciao a tutti!
rmbreedlove :: 13.12.2005 22:57
Lovely use of light, fine sense of composition. Personally, I would have shifted the composition to the right (I think), as I prefer an assymetrical composition. The vertical framing is impeccable.
Unified Reaper :: 8.06.2006 21:07
i think it is a good picture but again not a good pixalization and not didgital camara i rate it a 4 -Unified Reaper, LA Times
Miguel :: 28.11.2006 5:11
It╢s my first visit to this beautiful gallery... I╢m gratefully amazed. Many Thanks. Russia is a country that I MUST visit some day...
selvan :: 5.01.2008 13:29
It is very very excellent performance
kot :: 8.04.2002 13:09
Супер! Мечта идиота- посмотреть на это собственными глазами.
Natalia :: 22.05.2003 13:31
Я из Пскова. Ракурс найден дивной, а вот подпись под фотографией огорчает. Слово "Кремль" пишется с большой буквы, это название. Река называется на Псков, а Пскова (она маленькая). Да и вид не нак Кремль, а скорее на башню "Круглая".
андрей шошин :: 9.12.2003 0:55
Lakiesha :: 8.09.2011 3:22
Ah yes, nilcey put, everyone.


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