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Danilovskiy Monastery 3 ::

Opinions (7)

Beutifull picture!!!!
Roma :: 17.04.2003 22:15
nice looking picture, i like it very much
HOYKAYNAMWAHOY :: 14.04.2004 17:04
Another dark picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's ugly anyway!!!!!!!!OH UM OH UM OU!!!!
cynthia :: 12.11.2004 22:03
Very perty! lol
tiffani :: 11.05.2005 2:01
very clear
patria :: 10.08.2005 14:21
ochen krasivyj...
Marisol :: 21.04.2012 19:18
I have hundreds of them in my mtehor's attic. They're my brother's really, but I love them. I taught myself to draw by copying the characters. It meant I got into art class instead of being forced to do home economics, so they'll always be special to me! Thanks for reminding me. Your blog is cool!


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