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Zhukovsky D.E., his Wife Gertsyk A.K. and Gertsyk E.K.

Photo of Denier. St.Petersburg, Nevsky Avenue, 19. Zhukovsky Dmitry Evgenievich (1866-1943) - Scientist-Biologist, Collaborator of Tavrichesky University, Publisher of Philosophic Literature and Journal "Questions of Life"("Voprosy Zhizni"). Gertsyk (Lubny-Gertsyk) Adelaida Kazimirovna, in Marriage Zhukovskaya (1874-1925) - Poet, Prose Writer, Translator and Literature Critic Gertsyk (Lubny-Gertsyk) Evgeniya Kazimirovna (1878-1944) - Translator and Literature Critic The 5th of February, 1909

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