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 Nikolskie Gates of the Moscow Kremlin
 Skakovaya Street. The Building of Prize-Winning Stable of Smirnov V.P.
 Triumphal Square. The Circus of Nikitins Brothers.
 Sukhareva Tower and Sukharevskaya Square
 The 2-nd Meshchanskaya Street. The Solodovnikov G.G. Town House of Cheap Flats
 Corner of Vozdvizhenka and Mokhovaya Streets. Hotel "Petergof" (1)
 Sadovo-Kudrinskaya. The Profitable House of Skopnik P.A.
 Hotel "Metropol" (1).
 Corner of Mokhovaya and Tverskaya Streets. Hotel "National" (1).
 The Exchange Building at Ilyinka Street (2).
 Novaya Derevnya (New Village). Church of Vasily the Confessor (Ispovednik)
 Restaurant "Hermitage". Summer Garden
 The Moscow Department Building of St.Petersburg International Commercial Bank
 Corner of Vozdvizhenka and Mokhovaya Streets. Hotel "Petergof" (2).