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  The sights
  The public places
  Night Moscow
  View from bird-flight altitude
  Socialist building
  Historical Moscow


 The Moscow Arts Theatre Building in Kamergersky Lane
 Barricades at Arbat
 Mokhovaya Street in Moscow
 Corner of Mokhovaya and Tverskaya Streets. Hotel "National" (1).
 Corner of Vozdvizhenka and Mokhovaya Streets. Hotel "Petergof" (2).
 View of Mokhovaya Street from the Corner of Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street to Moiseevskaya Square
 Quay of the Kremlin
 The Kremlin Embankment
 Rostokino viadukt
 Half-artificial illumination
 Evening Moscow shines!
 Sirenevyy Boulevard in Winter 1
 On a brilliant night coast...
 Sirenevyy Boulevard in Winter 2
 Antisimilarity of the polar lights
 Sirenevyy Boulevard in Winter 3
 The Kremlin Embankment
 Sofiyskaya Embankment
 Sofiyskaya Embankment
 Teatralnaya Square (Square of Theatres)
 Mohovaya Street
 Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street
 Kamergerskiy Lane
 Novyy Arbat Street
 The Circus on Vernadskiy Avenue
 Prechistinskaya Embankment
 Kamergerskiy Lane 2
 Patriarshiye Ponds